Programme 2020/21

 September 2020

 17th   AGM.



 1st   Competition selection night Halesworth Beccles.

 17th   Two Internal Speakers.


 5th   Fireworks. To be confirmed.

 19th Competition 'A' Judge Andy Swain.

1 Colour - Seeing Red. 1 mono - After Dark.

Plus 1 Colour and 1 Mono - Open.


 3rd   Evening Photography. Location to be announced.

 17th   Quiz and Chips. Chairperson's challenge - Humour - 1 Print, Colour or Mono.

 January 2021

 7th   Show and Tell, 

 21st   Competition 'B' Judge Frank Blyth.

1 Colour - Beginning with 'E'. 1 Mono - Beginning with 'F' . + 1 Open Colour and 1 Open Mono.


 4th   Audio Visual.

 18th   Practical Night.



 4th  A night with Matthew Clark.

 18th  Portrait Night.  


 1st   Selection Night.

15th   Competition 'C'  Judge Nick Akers.

1 Colour - Food. 1 Mono - Movement. + 1 Colour and 1 mono Open.


 6th   Permajet Presentation - How to print with confidence. 

12th  3 way competition with Bungay and Framlingham - hosted by Bungay.

20th  Two Internal speakers.



 3rd  Thorpness.

 17th   Your Print of the Year.  Judge Malcolm English.

1 Colour and 1 Mono Open.

3 On A Theme - Colour and Mono.


 1st   Powerboat Racing, Oulton Broad. NR33 1NZ.

 15th  Flixton Air Museum.


 6th  Show and tell.

 19th AGM.

Meetings Suspended Until Further Notice

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